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Alternate Block Destruction
Alternate Entities
Animated Campfire Items
Bed Icons
Black Nether Bricks
Cherry Picking
Classic Netherite Armor
CodeCrafted's Wool
Colorful Enchanting Particles
Consistent Spectral Arrow
Crimsoner Crimson
Different Stems
Endless End Rods
Flint Tipped Arrow
Glass Doors
Green Jungle Wood
Less Purple Purpur
Pink End Rods
Plain Leather Armor
Red Iron Golem Flowers
Sideways Nuggets
Smoother Warped Planks
Softer Wool
Solid Honey Blocks
Solid Slime
Splash Bottle o' Enchanting
Unbundled Hay Bales
Unique Dyes
Better Bedrock
Brighter Nether
Circular Sun and Moon
Pebbleless Coarse Dirt
Pebbleless Dirt
Smoother Oak Log
Uniform Ores
Whiter Snow
Shorter Grass
Shorter Tall Grass
Crimson Nylium Sides
Lower Crimson Nylium
Grass Sides
Lower Grass
Mycelium Sides
Lower Mycelium
Paths Sides
Lower Paths
Podzol Sides
Lower Podzol
Snow Sides
Lower Snow
Warped Nylium Sides
Lower Warped Nylium
Alternate Enchantment Glint
Clearer Water
Invisible Totem
Low Fire
Low Shield
No Vignette
Sliced Swords
Unobtrusive Rain
Unobtrusive Scaffolding
Borderless Glass
Clean Borderless Glass
Clean Glass
Clear Pumpkin Blur
Reduced Pumpkin Blur
Age 25 Kelp
Better Observers
Brewing Guide
Broken Items
Clean Redstone
Clear Banner Patterns
Colored Bow Stages
Directional Hoppers
Fully Aged Crop Marker
Mine Progress Bar
Netherwart Growth Stages
Ore Borders
Redstone Power Levels
Stacked Items
Sticky Piston Sides
Visible Tripwires
Visual Honey Stages
Visual Sapling Growth
Blue Wither Hearts
Colored Ping
Rainbow XP Bar
Bread Hunger
Melon Hunger
Acacia Planks
Ancient Debris
Better Bedrock
Birch Planks
Bright Netherrack
Dark Oak Planks
End Stone
Jungle Planks
Oak Planks
Pebbleless Dirt
Spruce Planks
Classic Panorama
Piglin Bastion
Seirin's Survival World
The End Dimension